Day 57-59 Recoup and get back to work

You all’s response to my last post was overwhelming. Im so grateful for those who took the time to respond and liked the video. I am encouraged to continue in my journey. I have reevaluated my routine because it obviously was not working for me. I was taking in too many calories since my intensity had dropped while exercising. I am going to lower my caloric intake just a bit and be more realistic about what I can accomplish in a day with two small children. Thank you for sticking with my through the process and lets conquer the change!

Day 53 Weight loss is not one size fits all!

There is so much information out there on what you should and shouldn’t be doing to reach your goals. It can seem impossible to know which way to go. Its easy to overwhelm yourself with advice from every source. I found myself trying to go in too many directions at once and wound up completely stalling out. If the tasks feels large you likely won’t be confident in your ability to conquer it. I threw everything I thought I knew out the window and started from scratch. This time I followed the advice from people about my size, height and age to see what worked for them because it should have roughly the same effect on me. The loudest voice however in my decision making process however, was my own. I listened to my own body to find out what it did and didn’t like. What foods have others struggled with that my body handled very well? What foods did others swear by that broke me out or made me sick and sluggish? This changed everything for. My regime was built specifically for my personal goals from my personal experiences with certain items. It has made shopping and meal prepping ten times easier. It really has made all the difference in this journey. If you’re routine is working, keep pressing you are almost there. If you need to make adjustments do so now and finish strong. We can do this. We were made to conquer. The change is inevitable.

Vacation time is over! Day 30-37

So, it appears the last time I posted was on the 10th, which is clearly unacceptable. I went on vacation with my family and just did not realize that the days slipped away without so much as a greeting on my blog. Please forgive me for that you guys. I will say I did enjoy the mental break to regroup and get my creative juices flowing again so that I actually have some good content to bring you.I also revamped my exercise routine because in my first thirty days I saw little progress. I know some may feel that its just too early to tell but I get going either very hard or not at all. I thought I would just wake up athletic and be able to handle each day what I previously wasn’t even doing a portion of. Crazy right! My stamina is increasing and I am certainly not where I was a year ago; even four months ago. However, I do have to settle into the process like everyone else and not be discouraged by the length of it. One day at a time ladies and gentleman. It’s what I preach, its what I should follow. So here we go again, another restart. Hey, as long as we finish, who’s counting! pexels-photo-60230.jpeg

Day 10 The dreadful starting point

So as promised I am going to share with you all exactly where I am starting and what my end goals are. We must realize that wherever we are is not where we have to finish. Push until you feel you are all out and then push just a little more. We will conquer the change!

Height : 5’1

Weight: 152 lbs

Body fat: 29%

Left arm: 10.5

Right arm: 10.5

Chest 39”

Waist: 40”

Hips: 42”

Left thigh: 21.5

Right thigh: 21.5

Wrist: 6”

Forearm: 7”

I am looking to be strong and fit not necessarily skinny. I won’t be checking the scale constantly. I will more focused on the inches I am losing, particularly around the waist. Are you comfortable sharing your starting point and where are you tying to end?

Day 8 spoke too soon

Well, that didn’t last long. Just as I was patting myself on the back for 7 consecutive days, I went 2 days immediately following without a post. (ugh) What is the issue woman? Good news is you can always jump back on the horse and keep riding. No use letting this setback cause me to stop progressing forward or even start all over; which is something I USED TO DO ALOT. I have 100 days ahead of me and these last 2 days aren’t going to deter me from completing them. I gave myself this task and come hell or high water I’m going to finish. 3_37

Day 4 Is this wisdom or laziness?

Today I was extremely exhausted. I had been up through the night and between my two young boys I was just pooped out. I went grocery shopping which took me a couple hours and then passed out the moment I hit the door and got the baby all changed and fed. I was feeling super guilty about this but then I realized I’m not on a regular schedule. I sleep when the baby sleeps and I’m constantly running to feed, bathe or play with somebody. I have to learn the difference between when I need to push myself out of simply not feeling like working out from when my body is sending me signals to take it easy. Today I feel it was the latter. While I didn’t go to the gym I definitely still got in a workout lugging groceries and a car seat without a stroller. I did be sure to eat clean. That is actually something that has been exciting me lately. I love trying out new recipes and searching the whole foods aisle for fresh foods. The transition to vegetarianism is something I have really been enjoying. Now I didn’t just wake up and decide to do it. Its been something I have been thinking about for quite sometime and even spent two years without eating any meat back in 2009- 2011. I loved what it did for my overall health and energy and even my hair and skin. I’d be wanting to go back and all the recent discoveries about whats in our food has been the accelerator. Tomorrow I plan to double up at the gym by working out what I planned to do today as well as tomorrows. Send up prayers, they will be needed. haha lazy