Day 53 Weight loss is not one size fits all!

There is so much information out there on what you should and shouldn’t be doing to reach your goals. It can seem impossible to know which way to go. Its easy to overwhelm yourself with advice from every source. I found myself trying to go in too many directions at once and wound up completely stalling out. If the tasks feels large you likely won’t be confident in your ability to conquer it. I threw everything I thought I knew out the window and started from scratch. This time I followed the advice from people about my size, height and age to see what worked for them because it should have roughly the same effect on me. The loudest voice however in my decision making process however, was my own. I listened to my own body to find out what it did and didn’t like. What foods have others struggled with that my body handled very well? What foods did others swear by that broke me out or made me sick and sluggish? This changed everything for. My regime was built specifically for my personal goals from my personal experiences with certain items. It has made shopping and meal prepping ten times easier. It really has made all the difference in this journey. If you’re routine is working, keep pressing you are almost there. If you need to make adjustments do so now and finish strong. We can do this. We were made to conquer. The change is inevitable.

Day 41 Blender Crazy

So has anyone else been obsessed with blenders lately. I find that the easiest way to get in those necessary amounts of fruits and vegetables is to simply blend it up into a swirl of goodness. I have been experimenting with different soups and smoothies and just love them. I definitely want to upgrade to one that provides different settings for the consistence; where you can make ice cream and frozen yogurt. For now though, my basic oster brand does the trick just fine. If you’d like to check it out, I will have it linked down below for you and its super affordable if your just trying it out. Keep conquering my friends.