Day 48 Dance HIIT Workout

So just like that I have found a solution to our cardio problem. A channel called Fit body by Ashley on youtube has workout routines that are fun and exciting and actually produce results. Its not just dancing around its alternating high and low impact to really get you burning more calories in less time. Now you don’t have to dread cardio anymore. You can work up the same sweat, burning the same amount of calories doing something you actually enjoy doing. Here is the link if you’d like to give it a try. Let me know what you think.


youtube dance cardio

Day 47 Cardio, you are still not my favorite

I don’t know what it is about cardio but its just one of those thing that I can think about and just dread. I can walk for hours, I can lift weights until I pass out and be excited to do it again the next day. With cardio, however, I am done before I even get started. haha It’s so crazy to me. Unfortunately there seems to be no way around this since there’s no such thing as spot reducing. Why can’t life be simpler. haha. Does anyone else have this issue? Lets talk about it. I’d love to hear your take.

Day 46

Guys I cannot believe we are already almost at the half way mark. Keep pushing, you can make it all the way through. Tomorrow is Monday and that means back to work. Let go of whatever you may consider a failure form the weekend and start fresh. Just keep starting, just keep going. I believe in you! Conquer the Change.

Day 45

Today was a travel day for me. I wet to California for a huge opportunity with my family and throughly enjoyed. Now I’m just waiting to hear back. I’m hoping for the best. How did you spend your day off from the grind?

Day 44

Fridays are the best days! haha We have made it to the weekend yet again. Reward yourself for all your consistency and hard work but be sure its nothing that will undo all that effort. Have a ball, see you back in the gym Monday!

Day 43 Vegan sandwich gone viral

So, has anyone else heard of the new TTLA being sold at whole foods. It was pretty much demanded by the public after a woman named Tabitha’s video went viral online raving about how good it was. The company sent out emails to its employees to stock the items to make the sandwich and posted flyers with her face on them. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m so happy for all the opportunities coming her way from just being herself and deciding to make a healthy lifestyle change. Are you guys going to give it a try?26154929_165770190706866_2249418177010204672_n

Day 42 I tried to cheat :-/

So, this is embarrassing. You know those days where you really want to do right but for whatever reason there is a sweet treat calling out to you from afar? Yeah, I had one of those today. No matter how many times I tried to talk myself out of it the craving just seemed to get stronger and stronger. I first tried ordering at a restaurant but they had nothing I wanted which I mean come on, doesn’t all restaurants sell brownie sundaes? Anyway, so I hit a road block there and decided I’d just hang it up because I didn’t need it anyway. Well a couple hours rolled by and my sweet tooth was only getting stronger. AGH! Why must you torment me? So I end up scrolling through postdates, which the equivalent of grub hub or Uber eats because who wants to load the kids up for a 7 eleven run? I tell myself I will have 1 brownie thats it. They text back, there are none! Ok, I will just have 1 oatmeal cream pie; after all it is Oats. There are none. What? I had given myself a yes and the universe conspired against me and said no. haha I don’t really takes this that seriously but I did think it was a funny story I just had to share. Has anything like this every happened to you? let me know