Day 56 Losing Momentum

If I’m being honest guys, I have felt my motivation fading. I don’t feel like eating, exercising or doing much of anything really. I don’t really know what’s happening. I’m finding comfort in sweets which has never even been one of my vices. I gave myself a deadline in order to light a fire and really see results. It was working at first but now as the deadline approaches I find myself getting further and further from the goal that once seemed so easily reached. Have any of you ever been there? Lets have a discussion!

2 thoughts on “Day 56 Losing Momentum

  1. Have absolutely been there. What helps me is to think of how far I’ve come. And if I give up now… it was all *not wasted* but kind wasted effort, ya know what I mean?
    Hang in there… find inspiration in new recipes- get excited again. Go to a new workout class… Zumba, kickboxing. Or try something on Netflix or online.
    You can do it! 💪


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