Day 29 What I eat in a day

These seem to be incredibly popular videos on youtube so I decided to try my hand at creating one. I’m ok with how it came out but I am sure I can do much better the next time around. If you guys are interested in viewing the video I will leave it linked or attached below. I am in transition to being completely vegan; I believe may be a few months to a year. I do not consume beef, pork, chicken or turkey. I only have salmon and shrimp. I am not eating bread or dairy milk. The only fluids I intake are water, tea and very seldom juice. I don’t miss most of the foods I used to eat because I don’t miss how sluggish and disgusting they made me feel. The only thing I miss is the convenience of drive thru’s, which I often indulged in, because with two small boys and my husband on the road it just made life much easier. Now I cook and prepare every meal myself. It is very taxing as I do not have the space to store meal prepped food so I must cook the same thing every day for the week. I am determined for all of this hard work to pay off. Day 29 What I eat in a day LINK


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