Day 4 Is this wisdom or laziness?

Today I was extremely exhausted. I had been up through the night and between my two young boys I was just pooped out. I went grocery shopping which took me a couple hours and then passed out the moment I hit the door and got the baby all changed and fed. I was feeling super guilty about this but then I realized I’m not on a regular schedule. I sleep when the baby sleeps and I’m constantly running to feed, bathe or play with somebody. I have to learn the difference between when I need to push myself out of simply not feeling like working out from when my body is sending me signals to take it easy. Today I feel it was the latter. While I didn’t go to the gym I definitely still got in a workout lugging groceries and a car seat without a stroller. I did be sure to eat clean. That is actually something that has been exciting me lately. I love trying out new recipes and searching the whole foods aisle for fresh foods. The transition to vegetarianism is something I have really been enjoying. Now I didn’t just wake up and decide to do it. Its been something I have been thinking about for quite sometime and even spent two years without eating any meat back in 2009- 2011. I loved what it did for my overall health and energy and even my hair and skin. I’d be wanting to go back and all the recent discoveries about whats in our food has been the accelerator. Tomorrow I plan to double up at the gym by working out what I planned to do today as well as tomorrows. Send up prayers, they will be needed. haha lazy


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